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The way in which your cervix seems to touch shall alter during your period .

The way in which your cervix seems to touch shall alter during your period .

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The cervix may be the part that is lowest regarding the womb. Ih2 s a tiny passageway linking the vagina to your uterine cavity, about 1 1.5 ins or 2.5 3.8cm long (1). The Latin, cervix uteri translates to the womb s throat. The cervix looks like a smooth fleshy O, about an inch or 2.5cm in diameter, with a hole in the middle similar to puckered lips in the vagina.

Your cervix does a great deal for you personally: it keeps undesirable germs and viruses from the uterus, it starts and closes to allow semen in and menstrual blood out, it creates unique lubrication and also grows a unique plug in the event that you get pregnant (known as a mucus plug). Just like the vagina and clitoris, the cervix also incorporates neurological paths active in the intimate reaction (6).

Just how your cervix seems to touch shall alter through your menstrual period . Its place in your stomach may also change (2 5). These modifications happen as a result towards the hormone changes that facilitate the process that is ovulatory. Particular ligaments into the pelvis could become reduced around ovulation, as an example, additionally the persistence associated with the cervical fluid changes (7, 8).

Around ovulation, the cervix is soft (like your ear lobe), slightly available and may also be placed high up in your stomach.