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5 Intercourse Pillows for Relieving Discomfort During Intimacy

5 Intercourse Pillows for Relieving Discomfort During Intimacy

As opposed to belief that is popular your sex-life does not end the minute you turn 50. (Or 60. And on occasion even 70!). In reality, in a 2017 poll on healthy aging by the University of Michigan, 76 per cent of individuals between your ages of 65 to 80 agreed that sex is an essential part of the connection at all ages. What’s more, 54 per cent of partners for the reason that age group stated they certainly were nevertheless having regular sexual intercourse.

Regrettably, our anatomies don’t constantly cooperate with your intimate desires. Whether or not it’s as a result of joint disease, a poor straight back, or another thing totally, intercourse can often be uncomfortable, using the joy away from an experience that’s supposed to bring just pleasure. Luckily, there’s something out there called an intercourse pillow that will help considerably.

What exactly is an intercourse pillow?

First thing’s first: what the deuce IS just an intercourse pillow? a intercourse pillow is just a specially-designed, firmer-than-average pillow you to get into positions you might not otherwise be able to that you can use during intercourse to increase your comfort and help.